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OMUS Technologies

With our variety of services, you will be able

to find exactly what you need.

WEB Design | We offer many unique ideas for various types of web designs.

Software development: Dot Net, Java

Website design & development: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS

Infrastructure Management Service: Application Packaging / Repackaging, Application Virtualization, Software Deployments, OS imaging, Networking

Online Training: Admin Studio 2013, App-V 4.6 & 5.0, SCCM 2007/2012


Website development 

The all important website. It is what everyone is

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after these days and of course why not. Who does not want to have their business online where everyone can access it and see what they do. So if you do not already have a website then contact us and we will be able to get your set up with one just as soon as possible.

Software development 

We offer a high Quality softwares

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Developed to meet your bussiness objectives by our team in Bangalore, INDIA. Our friendly and professionally experienced members will help in completion of projects within budget.

Infrastructure Management

OMUS Offers the solutions for infrastructure services in desktop management and web operations.

Online training

Online training on Adminstudio 2012/13, App-V 4.6 / 5.0, SCCM 2012, MDT